Buddhist Temple Murder Case

Who’s Who in the Buddhist Temple Murder Case

Here are three alphabetically arrayed lists of most of the individuals involved, in one way or another, in this story.  The first list identified all of the witnesses in the Doody case. They were interviwed, under oath, and before a court reporter by Peter Balkan. I read each transcipt. In addition, I conducted many interviews myself, fifteen years after the events described in the book. I did not list everyone that I interviewed because some wished to remain anonymous. The third list identifies each expert witness in the Doody case. I read their reports.

Balkan Interview List

Bates, Todd, MCSO

Bayless, Michael, Ph.D.

Borders, Chawee

Caratachea, Rolando

Caratachea, Rolando, Sr., deposition

Casey, Robert, FBI

Choosin, Bhandhusavee

Cruz, Moise

Doody, David

Doody, Lliad

Dorn, Tim, MCSO

Eccles, Jeff, MCSO

Eggert, Gary, MCSO

Garcia, Alessandro

Garcia, Juan

Grier, Donna

Griffiths, Donald, MCSO

Haag, Luke, DPS State Crime Lab

Hash, Premchit

Hepburn, Pen

Herron, James

Issertell, Sandy

Kimball, Russell

Labenz, Gary, MCSO

Leininger, Benjamin

Martig, Roger, Ph.D.

Minner, Ron, MCSO

Mullavey, Mike, MCSO

Munley, Dave, MCSO

Riley, Patrick, MCSO

Sands, Brian, MCSO

Shorts, Thomas, MCSO

Sinsabaugh, Richard, MCSO

Sonsim, Amporn, M.D.

Soucy, Pam

Stokes, Norris, MCSO

Tamala, Al, MCSO

Troutt, Larry, DPS

Vilalay, Bongbong

Wattikra, Parapuk

Woodling, Gary, FBI

Stuart Interview List

Ahler, Paul, chief deputy Maricopa county attorney: interview, correspondence, shared records

Balkan, Peter, Doody’s defense counsel: consultant; interviews, correspon­dence, shared records, including digital database of MCSO and county attorney’s office investigative reports, crime scene documents, and defense preparation materials

Becker, Judith, professor of psychology and psychiatry: interview, correspon­dence re psychology of coerced confessions

Blakey, Craig, Arizona Superior Court judge: consultant on criminal procedure issues; interviews, manuscript writing and development

Bruce, Leo: interviews, correspondence, review of evidentiary materials, recollections re interrogations, codefendants, and MCSO personnel

Calvo, Luis, Garcia’s defense counsel: interview, correspondence, shared records

Coppock, John, Maricopa County chief deputy sheriff: interview, correspon­dence, recollections re MCSO command and personnel issues

Durand, Mary, mitigation specialist: interview, correspondence, shared records, recollections re death-penalty phase in State v. Doody and mitiga­tion phase in State v. Hoover

Fletcher, Helen, Alice Marie Cameron’s sister: interview, correspondence, sha­red records

Friedl, William, Nunez’s lawyer: interview, correspondence, shared records

Hammond, Larry, Peterson’s lead lawyer in civil rights litigation: interviews, correspondence, shared records; consultant re manuscript scope, Fifth Amendment issues, suppression cases, coerced confessions

Kimball, Russell, MCSO lead detective on temple case: interviews, correspon­dence, and shared records, including photos, tapes, public records, notes, research documents, and articles; recollections re interrogations, MCSO command and staff issues, and case development

Knop, David, writer: interviews, consultant re manuscript review, content, and scope

Martin, Gregory H., Arizona Superior Court judge: interview, correspondence, document review

Mehrens, Craig, lawyer: manuscript review, advice re criminal law, procedure, and confession issues

Moore, William, Nunez’s civil lawyer: interview, correspondence, shared records

Ofshe, Richard, professor of sociology, expert on false confessions: interview, correspondence, shared multimedia materials

Rake, M. E. “Buddy,” lead counsel in Tucson suspects’ civil cases: interview, correspondence, shared records, logistical assistance re suspects, civil cases, and MCSO investigation

Reinstein, Ronald, Arizona Superior Court judge: interview, correspondence, recollections re arraignments, hearings, and trial management in all cases and re Hoover mitigation and sentencing

Rohlwing, Gary, Caratachea’s defense counsel: interview, correspondence, sha­red records

Romley, Richard, Maricopa county attorney: interview, correspondence, sha­red records

Sager, Mike, journalist: interviews, correspondence, shared work re temple and Cameron cases and re Doody, Garcia, and Hoover

Expert Witness List

Bayless, Michael, Ph.D., psychologist: State expert in State v. Doody

Durand, Mary, death-penalty mitigation specialist: Defense expert in State v. Doody and State v. Hoover

Esplin, Phillip, Ed.D., psychologist: Defense expert in State v. Doody

Green, Jordan, criminal lawyer: Defense expert re plea bargains and prosecuto­rial discretion in State v. Doody

Hale, John, handwriting analyst: Defense expert in State v. Doody

Jayne, Richard, consultant, John E. Reid and Associates: Defense consultant in State v. Doody

Lanyon, Richard I., Ph.D., psychologist: Defense expert in State v. Garcia

Martig, Roger, Ph.D., psychologist: State expert in State v. Doody; evaluated both Garcia and Doody

Menendez, Kathryn, Ph.D., psychologist: Psychological profile of Garcia in State v. Garcia

Moerman, Michael, Ph.D., anthropologist: Defense expert in State v. Doody

Osran, Hadley, Ph.D., psychologist: State expert in State v. Doody

Silberman, Al, Ed.D., psychologist: Defense expert in State v. Doody

Streib, Victor L., professor of law: Defense expert re juvenile death penalty cases in State v. Doody

Warner, James, firearms identification and ballistics specialist: Defense expert in State v. Doody